watch film, after film, after film

watch concert, after concert, after concert

watch film, after film, after film

For a week in New York leading up to the highly anticipated launch of the world’s first touch-screen BlackBerry, people used clues found online, via text from Wild postings, and on a printed map to locate 45 hidden locations. Once found, a secret code word enabled hunters to enter to win cash, prizes and the BlackBerry Storm all while telling people more about the phone itself.

AMERICAN EXPRESS: US OPEN One of New York’s most iconic sporting events is sponsored by American Express. For this activation hundreds of print pieces were created that supported experiences such as a Milton Glaser print as a gift with purchase; Hospitality events featuring talent like Mats Wilander, Andy Roddick and Billie Jean King; the 100 Moments Videos we shot for online; and we brought the Open to the city at Madison Square Park.

It had generally been commented on that the branding at this year’s US Open is “the best it has ever fucking looked before.” The boardwalk was so well received that the USTA offered 100 extra feet. logo re-design spec work

''Growth'' 24x36'' acrylic on canvas painting

''Growth'' close-up of painting; I love texture

Submission posted by The New York Times in response to the poor design of NY state's new electronic voting ballot